MJA X Alchemy Charm ISO Station (Amethyst)

@mjarsenal x @alchemycharms

Back by most popular demand, this is a collaboration that is surely greater than the sum of its parts! We are stoked to have partnered again with the incredible women of Alchemy Charm to co-create these truly “one of a kind” works of art. The canvas, MJA borosilicate glass! The goods, handset amethyst crystals cut in a variety of ways.


Amethyst: Cleansing – Protection – Master Healer

Double terminated crystals have a point at each end; this shape allows their energy to flow both ways, making them great tools for energy healing.

*Amethyst sourced in a sustainable manner from around the globe!

**All crystals/gemstones are set by hand

10MM 90° female joint.


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